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Mafia & The American Influence

Explore the pre-revolutionary days of Havana when the mafia ran the city and American style prevailed

Tour Highlights:

  1. Learn about how the American mafia turned Havana into “America’s Playground”
  2. Visit some of the mafia-owned hotels to imagine the glitz, glamour, and debauchery of pre-revolutionary Havana
  3. Discover “Little Manhattan” and other important landmarks that pay homage to Cuba’s neighbor to the north

As far back as the colonial days, American style has influenced Cuba in every aspect of life: architecture, politics, economy, culture and lifestyle. On this unique tour, we’ll show you evidence of the US’ influence in buildings, landmarks, and other details unnoticed by most visitors.

We’ll also explore the impact of the American mob on Cuba, and how through cunning and bribery, they managed to get Cuba’s brutal dictator into their embrace and transform Cuba into “America’s Playground”. Although little evidence of their heyday remains, mostly erased by the revolution, you’ll be captivated by the shocking stories of the Havana that was, and the Havana that could have been. 

  • DURATION: 3h
  • MEETING POINT: La Gargola
  • START TIME: 10:30am
  • AVAILABILITY: Every day
  • FINISH POINT: Local Restaurant
  • FINISH TIME: 1:30pm
  • LANGUAGE: English or Spanish
  • CHILD POLICY: Children friendly
  • INCLUSIONS: Transport, lunch with cocktail
  • EXCLUSIONS: Transportation from finish point, food and drinks not specified above, tips/gratuities

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Mafia Tour
3 hours
Group size:
Maximum 12
Start time:
10:30 am
group size Price per Person USD


WE ARE HONEST AND OPEN - Each tour is guided by one of our expert local Cuban tour guides who can also explain to you some aspects of the Cuban society and culture and tell you about life in Havana. Our local Cuban tour guides are honest in their answers to any questions you have about Cuba and it’s people, history, and politics.

We run these small group tours and shore excursions of Havana every day. There is a set departure time for each tour, and you join a group of up to a total of 12 participants with one of our local Havana guides.