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Having the assistance of a trustworthy, knowledgeable, and English speaking local person at your full-time disposal, is probably the most valuable asset you can have when visiting a new place such as Havana. Just select how many days, and what time periods, you want the guide assistance for. You can tell the guide what places you want to see in Havana, or otherwise just go with the guide's suggestions.

Services are OFAC compliant under the general license “Support for the Cuban people” 515.574

With this service, flexibility is one of the great advantages. You are not tied to a set tour itinerary with other tourists. You have your own guide with whom you can discuss the options, places you most want to see in Havana, and activities that most interest you. Your guide will make the arrangements and accompany you all the way. You can also just use the guide to gather information about what to do and see in Havana and get tips and recommendations about where to go in Cuba and how to get there!

What’s Included
The price includes only the guide’s time and the guide’s food and drink expenses.
All other costs, such as transport around Havana, your own food, drinks, souvenirs, entrance to museums, etc, you pay for as you go at local net prices (no commissions added on!). Click here for a list of some of the likely local costs you will have in Havana and the prices of some of the most popular activities.

Activities on-the-go
Nearly everything going on in Havana can be arranged on the spot or at very short notice. Only a few events such as some ballet performances, or special activities such as dance classes, or training with an expert boxing instructor need to be arranged ahead of time*. All other events and activities in Havana, such as entry to a cabaret show like the Tropicana, going to a Buena Vista Show, or an after-hours visit to Hemmingway’s ranch, can all be arranged on the day or at worst, the day before.

Local Knowledge
Apart from the obvious convenience of having someone help and assist you with your needs and wants, our local Havana guides knows the city better than most and can: take you to some fascinating hidden gems; navigate you through the ever changing restaurant and bar scene; inform you about Cuba’s history, architecture, culture, and society; entertain you with stories and anecdotes, and maybe even introduce you to some of his or her charming local friends.

With this local guide service in Havana, the possibilities are endless. You can go exploring off the tourist trail, and have your own unique experience in this fascinating city, all facilitated by a local knowledgeable and trustworthy friend.

*Visits to schools, hospitals or any other official government institutions requires prior arrangement and can only be done on one of our Private Specialised Tours

Group size: From 1 - 12 people

Price: This is set per group not per person.

Large Groups: We can accommodate any size group. 

For groups that are larger than 12 people a 2nd or 3rd guide would be added to the cost.

A tour guide in Havana, Cuba
24 hours
Group size:
Maximum 12
Local Guide Service Price USD
9am to 12noon


9am to 6pm


8pm to 2am


9am to 2am


WE ARE HONEST AND OPEN. Each tour is lead by one of our expert local Cuban tour guides who can also explain to you some aspects of the Cuban society and culture and tell you about life in Havana. Our local Cuban tour guides are honest in their answers to any questions you have about Cuba and it’s people, history, and politics.